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Fingerprint And Web Based Time Attendance System | Bahrain

Time Attendance with Fingerprint Recognition Technology

Time attendance with fingerprint recognition

Employee's working time most valuable factor of every company. For utilizing employee working time, Biometric devices are used. Biometric devices are the device used for security identification and authentication of people. There are different type of biometric devices, such as Face recognition, fingerprint scanning, retina scanning and voice recognition.
Most of the companies are setup with fingerprint scanning, It can determine the working hours of an employee, attendance details etc.

D3 Digital Data Dimension| Bahrain

D3 dimension is most leading biometric device installation company in Bahrain. Fingerprint recognition technology is mostly. because Fingerprint technology is cheaper than other technologies. They provide high quality service compared to other companies and their aim is to achieve their business objectives by providing innovative and best in class IT services.

Time Tech Queue Management System Features - Dthree - Digital Data Dimensions

Time Tech Queue Management System Features

Kiosk works as a System Server and all the application installed in it Less single point of failures

In RF communication option, system works with minimum number of wires and network

Ethernet Network available for access the report remotely from the admin PC

Another Option is available using physical network (Ethernet cabling required)

Sleek Kiosk Design built - in 17” Portrait high quality touch screen

Thermal printer compact size with high space for the thermal roll

Audio amplifier Built inside the Kiosk Machine can deliver the voice to the built - in speakers, or
can be connected to external speaker (i.e. ceiling speakers ... etc.)

RF Communication to communicate the CDU’s, SDU’s and the calling pads

Windows Based Operating System SQL database

Media player to be connected to LCD to Display the Status of the Queue and can play the video with Ticker

Calling Keypad can be soft keypad to be installed on the user PC or hard keypad (Wired and

Reporting application  

Are Ready to get a Queue Management System

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Best Biometric Access Control System in Bahrain | D3

Best Biometric Access Control System in Bahrain | D3

What is Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Access Control is security technique that can be used to decide who can be view or use and maintain resource in a computing environment. Mainly there are two types of Access Control
  1. Physical - Limits access to campuses, buildings, rooms.
  2. Logical - Limits access computer networks, system files, data.  
Using login credentials such as passwords, Personal identification numbers (PIN), biometric scans, physical or electronic keys Access Control Systems perform access approvals, authentications, accountability of entities.
Using these access control systems we can provide safe environment, identify who is in my building, control access to highly secure areas. Biometric access control systems are most reliable, accurate and quick to ensure authorized access to assets.
Digital Data Dimension, The D3 is a Bahrain based company which provide biometric authentication device equipment device systems for security and access control. Access controllers and biometric devices are detailed in the page.
You need to know about RFID Tracking System.