Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Best Biometric Access Control System in Bahrain | D3

Biometric participation frameworks and nearness programming are developing quickly in many workplaces and organizations, because of the developing needs of straightforwardness and responsibility, adaptable work culture and portable representatives.

To make our essence programming and recreation administration and following offices much more grounded, we have included ESL, which is the biggest in India regarding amount and dissemination arrange for biometric participation frameworks.

As per your prerequisites, you have the adaptability to pick one of two marvelous unique mark machines

Unique finger impression Time Management and Access Control Software Access Control

Unique finger impression time participation framework with get to control with WiFi and battery reinforcement highlights, which not just enables you to sign all through your representatives, yet in addition empowers you to counteract unapproved sections in your work environment. It stores 3,000 unique finger impression layouts, 100,000 exchange records and battery reinforcement highlights. You can look over 5 changed alternatives

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Fingerprint And Web Based Time Attendance System | Bahrain

Fingerprint And Web Based Time Attendance System | Bahrain

D3 is a Bahrain-based company Biometric System and Access Control System. This has completed a full HRMS solution to the company using a web based attendant system. The web based time attendant is a cloud solution, where data from biometric equipments is present. Fingerprint attendance system prevents documenting other types of hours employed using manual paper attendance. This is a plug and a bio-metric machine. You do not need a software and a computer to prepare your attendance report. Web-based time attendance system for recording employees time in and out. It uses biometric fingerprinting system.

d3 Fingerprint And Web Based

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Biometric Access Control Systems Bahrain | D3 - Digital Data Dimensions

Biometric Access Control Systems Bahrain | D3 - Digital Data Dimensions

D3 - Digital Data Dimensions is the leading company in Bahrain, which offers the best IT services like Biometric system and Access Control System. Biometric Access Control Systems are Access systems that integrates Biometric security devices such as Fingerprint, Retinal eye scanners and Face recognition systems. The uniqueness in each individuals' biological structure is excellently utilized in this system. Hence unauthorized access is prevented and intruders are refrained effectively

Biometric access control system

Biometric systems are used in Organisation to ensure access control and authentication. Workforce management is dealt much easily. It assures a safe and secure system without any illegal data transfer. Apart from Bahrain, D3 services are also extended to the kingdom of Iraq and Saudi Arabia. D3 is the prime choice for Biometric Access Control Systems, as it facilitates the finest biometric authentication device for security and access control equipments.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Biometric Access Control System | Dthree Solutions Bahrain

biometric access control system

Access control system is that the system that controls an activity from an external device. So that the access control system, users must credentials before they can be granted access. Access control system to perform authentication, access approval, and login credentials including passwords, personal identification numbers (PINs), biometric scans, and physical or electronic keys.

Two types of access control systems physical and logical, in physical access control system limit access to buildings, area, and physical assets. In logical access control system limit access to computer networks, data, files, etc.The Biometric Access Control System is an authentication and access approval by taking the biometric characteristics like the fingerprint, face recognition and retina access. Here use fingerprint or other biometric characteristics instead of card accessing or writing permission letter.
biometric access control system d3

When we use Biometric Access Control System you have the benefits of save time and money for checking workers and people they are in or out. The most thing that it protect security areas and restrict access to sensitive areas. Hence D3 - Digital Data Dimension Solutions is a good choice for the security of your organisation. We are mainly in Bahrain and also provide services in the middle east. We have best biometric access control system authentication device equipment for security & access control in the middle east.

Monday, December 11, 2017

TimeTech Wireless Queue System in Bahrain Medical Center (BMC)

Interactive Virtual Book / EBook Manufactures in Bahrain- Dthree

Interactive Virtual Book / EBook Manufactures in Bahrain- Dthree

EBook converts a traditional printed book to a digital interactive eBook. Interactive Virtual Book is an innovative touchscreen presentation system with an authenticated book design that has a screened projection screen. The ebook is designed to serve as points of information at present-day virtual book trade shows and events, a digital sage solution in shops, hotel lobbies, multimedia-teaser bookstores. The main ebook manufactures in Bahrain is D3 -Digital Data Dimensions. D3 also provides biometric access control systems and other security equipment.

ebook manufactures

 Features of ebook

  • Transparent Acrylic-Body
  • Precise camera tracking system
  • Integrated Micro-PC
  • Integrated 1 Chip DLP Projector
  • Control via browse with hands-on screen
  • Brilliant and high contrast image
  • Homogeneous projection screen

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Best Payroll Software | Dthree Solutions Bahrain

Best Payroll Software | Dthree Solutions Bahrain

Best Payroll Software

Payroll :

A Payroll is an organization's rundown of its workers, yet the term is generally used to refer: 

  • The aggregate sum of cash that an organization pays to its workers 

  • An organization's records of its representatives' pay rates and compensation, rewards, and withheld charges 

  • The organization's area of expertise that figures and pays these. 

  • Finance in the feeling of "cash paid to representatives" assumes a noteworthy part in an organization for a few reasons.
D3 Digital Data Dimension is a leading company that provides the best payroll software for the business.

Benefits of Payroll Software: 

  • Cost Effective                                                                                                                                           
  • Tax Updates                                                                                                                                            
  • Create Payslips                                                                                                                                                
  • Reminders                                                                                                                                         
  • Save Time                                                                                                                                                
  • Employee Calender

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Fingerprint Attendance Machine | Dthree Solutions Bahrain

Fingerprint Attendance Machine | Dthree Solutions Bahrain

Dthree for Digital Data Dimension Bahrain provides IT solutions like Bio-metric system and Access control system.We help customers to attain their business objectives by our IT solutions services. We have our own facilities for sales, marketing, customer support etc... D3 have most experienced work team, and they provide you the best Bio-metric and access control systems.

Fingerprint Attendance Machine


Fingerprint Attendance Machine 


Today Fingerprint Attendance Machine application is applicable in all companies. We provide one of the best Fingerprint Attendance Machine which have varieties of features and  uses.That is worked based on bio-metric technology.This machine is most helpful for the  Payroll & HR department. Because they can accurately calculate employees attendance in a easy way. And this machine is simple and easy to use. Some of the features that can be done using this machine are employees leave request can done, employee can login and set their own password, can set holiday etc.


Best ERP Software | Enterprise Resource Planning Software | D3 Bahrain

Best ERP Software | Enterprise Resource Planning Software | D3 Bahrain

Best ERP Software Development Bahrian


ERP means Enterprise resource planning. It is a business process administration programming that enables an association to utilize an arrangement of incorporated applications to deal with the business and mechanize many back office capacities identified with innovation, administrations and HR. 

D3 Digital Data Dimensions is a leading company that provide Time Tech Business Applications for Enterprise Resource Planning. This business application helps in maintaing better software for ERP.

Benefits Of ERP

  •  Economical Price is High
  •  Warranty is Comprehensive
  •  Complete Customization
  •  Integration with 3rd party Hardware & Software
  •  Training & Supports
  •  Free updates

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Queue Management System Bahrain | Wired Queuing System

Dthree is recognized as top companies for providing IT solutions. Helps customers to  achieve their business objectives by providing innovative & best-in-class IT solutions and services.

Queue Management System

Queue Management System is used to control queues. Dthree is one of the best companies for Queue management system. That helps to reduce the customer valuable time and make better services. Both wired and wireless systems are available with Dthree. 


  • Kiosk works as a System Server and all the application installed in it
  • Thermal printer compact size with high space for the thermal roll
  • Audio amplifier Built inside the Kiosk Machine can deliver the voice to the built-in speakers, or can be connected to external speaker (i.e. ceiling speakers … etc.)
  • Less single point of failures
  • In RF communication option, system works with minimum number of wires and network equipment's
  • Ethernet Network available for access the report remotely from the admin PC
  • Another Option is available using physical network (Ethernet cabling required)
  • Sleek Kiosk Design built-in 17" Portrait high quality touch screen
  • RF Communication to communicate the CDU's, SDU's and the calling pads
  • Windows Based Operating System
  • SQL database
  • From 1 counter to 50 in one
  • Media player to be connected to LCD to Display the Status of the Queue and can play the video with Ticker
  • Calling Keypad can be soft keypad to be installed on the user PC or hard keypad (Wired and Wireless)
  • Calling Keypad can be soft keypad to be installed on the user PC or hard keypad (Wired and Wireless)
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