Thursday, July 5, 2018

RFID Tracking Solutions | Dthree Solutions Bahrain

Tracking is the process of observing objects or persons on move and providing the data of the location and so on in a sequential manner. There are many tracking systems. Some are lag time indicators and others are real time or nearly real time indicators. Lag time indicator will collect and send the data after the target or an item has passed.

Bar code or Choke point or gate are examples of lag time indicators. Real time indicators includes Global Positioning System which transfers data at the same time. RFID tracking will enables the tracking of products in a truck or containers with the help of Radio Frequency Identification Technology.

In a business environment, the RFID asset tracking system provides a firm's perspective in the environmental impact created by their products. From the beginning itself, the asset should be identified, assigned and its location and movement has to be recorded.

RFID Asset management solutions

This page explains about the RFID tracking methods and its application areas.