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RFID Asset Tracking System - Dthree Bahrain

RFID uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tag attached to objects. RFID tags are used in many industries. An RFID tracking system includes the tag itself a read/write device, and a host system application for data collection, processing, and transmission. An RFID tag is sometimes called RFID transponder. It consists of a chip, some memory, and an antenna.For more details find out our website.
RFID Asset Tracking System - Dthree Bahrain

Wireless Queue Management System

Wireless Queue Management System

Upgrade the customer experience and increase your sales. EWQ Queue Management System is a wireless solution for customer flow management and analyzing. Instead of standing in the line, your customers can shop or browse marketing material while queueing.

wireless queue

Automatic Queue Measurement System For Small Structured Queues

Automatic queue measurement systems are designed to help managers in two ways - first, through enhanced customer service; second by improving efficiency and reducing costs. They use people counting sensors at entrances and above checkout lanes / queue areas to accurately detect the number and behaviour of people in the queue. Built-in predictive algorithms can provide advance notice on how many checkouts or service points will be needed to meet demand. Dashboards, available on a computer monitor or mobile PDA device, are often used to provide a range of information, such as dynamic queue length, waiting time data, and checkout performance on the shop floor. In the event that performance falls towards a minimum service level, in supermarkets or banks management teams can be automatically alerted beforehand, allowing them time to proactively manage the situation. Key measurements produced are:

  • The number of people entering the store
  • Queue Length
  • Average Wait Time
  • Till Operator or Bank Teller Idle Time
  • Total Wait Time.
  • A number of the large UK supermarket chains use such systems for service level and resource management.

Automatic Queue Measurement System For Small Unstructured And Large Queues

Where queues form in unpredictable locations and/or extend beyond a relatively small queue area, overhead detector based queue measurement systems cannot be effectively used. Alternative technology solutions using wide area queue sampling are effective in these situations. One method is using Bluetooth detection from mobile telephones held by people in the queue. Although a sampling technique, as typically 10 – 30% of telephone have active Bluetooth at any one time, it gives a reasonably accurate measurement of average queue wait times where long queues are present. A precise but more expensive method is the use of a people counter. Measuring and counting can be particularly useful in situations such as airport security where a large volume of people pass through an area in varying flow patterns and constantly varying physical locations.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Biometric Security Systems for Home - Dthree Solutions

Biometric Security Systems for Home - Dthree Solutions

Bio metric offers safe and secure benefits for everyone in a home, organization, office etc. Dthree Solutions provides various types of Bio metric Security Systems for home. You can change your home into a smart home with Dthree solutions. Dthree ensure protection for your property and your family with our authentication tools. Every individual has a unique identifications. Based on that physical and behavioral characteristics our database stored your data and looks for the exact matches.


Categories of Bio metric Security Systems for Home

Lets discuss about the types of Bio metric Security systems. The system categorized in the basis of Physical and behavioral characteristics

Fingerprint Protected Home

The device stored the fingerprint of the user and the device analyse its features like arches, whorls, loops, furrows etc  Matching of the fingerprint depends in three ways, such as minutiae, correlation, and ridge.

Recognition using Face

The device deals with face features and it can identify around 80 nodal points on the human face. It is commonly used in office, building etc.

Sound Recognition

This method is based on the speech authentications like nasal tone, fundamental frequency, inflection, cadence. The device produces speech patterns by combining the datas captured in the device.

Signature Recognition

This technique is based on the physical activities of signing like the amount of pressure applied, stroke and the speed etc.

IP Based Security Camera Systems

IP Based Security Camera Systems:


An IP camera is a networked digital video camera that transmits data over a Fast Ethernet link. IP cameras (also called "network cameras") are most often used for IP surveillance, a digitized and networked version of closed-circuit television (CCTV).

cameraAdvantages of IP Camera Systems:

There are many advantages that an IP security camera  system offers over an analog format. IP
security cameras send their signal over a network, allowing greater information transfer than an analog signal sent to a DVR. Some biggest advantages are:

1. Resolution

Whether cabled or wireless, CCTV systems that use an IP system have multiple advantages. They can record at a higher resolution. This means zooming in won’t create a blurry image, but can create a very clear one.

2. Analytics

A digital video recorder (DVR) on an analogue system can’t highlight events and save these out. To find a specific moment, you’ll have to play through all the footage until you find it. For security events that may happen overnight, that means scrubbing through hours of footage. An IP system can highlight or flag events for you based on specific parameters. These can include motion detection, tampering with the camera, and a range of other events

3. Scalability

An analog system limits you to the number of cameras you can hook up to a single DVR. You also need cabling for each individual camera. IP camera CCTV uses a network video recorder (NVR). This runs each camera in a certain range to a single switch. This switch can then run back to the NVR, saving substantially on cabling, installation, and maintenance costs. You can even use Power over Ethernet (PoE) to use certain types of signal cables to provide power to the cameras as well. This covers the power supply for the cameras.

Disadvantages of IP Camera Systems: 

1. Privacy Is an Issue

Critics of security camera systems have taken offense to them being placed in offices and argued that doing so implies that the employer has either already assumed or is convinced that his employees are up to no good and will do something wrong which is why their activities need to be recorded.

2. It Can be a Costly Affair

While dummy cameras may not be expensive, the real ones costs hundreds, even thousands of dollars depending on the features and the number of cameras and monitoring systems you buy. Getting them installed and their maintenance means added costs. If you’re thinking of installing them yourself, lay that idea to rest unless you have good knowledge of wiring systems or you may end up damaging the cameras.

3. They Can be Vulnerable

When we, as users of security cameras, try to keep ourselves updated on the latest in security systems, we should not forget that intruders and criminals are doing the same too. A clever trespasser will probably know all about them and may have figured out a way to go undetected.

Further, tech-savvy criminals might have understood the technology and worked out ways to disable/disconnect them from their power source. Plus, if he detects your cameras as fake/dummies, they can be utterly useless in any crime prevention. This makes security cameras vulnerable to damage and/or misuse.

4. Can’t Stop Theft

Cameras enable users to record footage for later viewing, and to help nab criminals, and receive justice from the law. They cannot, however, stop a crime when it is in progress. They do not alert neighbors or the police like an alarm system would. This means that you will incur losses even as you run to the court, make insurance claims and reorder stolen inventory, which may no longer make you feel absolutely safe and even cause you to lose faith in them.