Wednesday, December 21, 2016

What is Web Based Attendance System?

Web Based Attendance System

A Web Based Attendance System is the latest model of time attendance system which succeeded in grabbing the attention of public within a short period. Nowadays, most of the business do own computers and employees have mobile phones and this is utilized by Web based attendance system.  Dthree presents the number one web based attendance system which works on the internet. The employee can log in online and mark his attendance, arrival time and duration of work. Get from dthree the best web based time attendance system.

Benefits of Web Based Attendance System

  • No wastage of time and paper
  • Reduced cost: - The Internet is available at very low cost nowadays. Almost every employees own cell phones and computers are also common everywhere.
  • Reliability: - The employee arrival time and departure time are recorded accurately without any human error. This system also records the  IP address of the device, hence no cheating is possible.

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