Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Wireless Queue Management System

Wireless Queue Management System

Upgrade the customer experience and increase your sales. EWQ Queue Management System is a wireless solution for customer flow management and analyzing. Instead of standing in the line, your customers can shop or browse marketing material while queueing.

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Automatic Queue Measurement System For Small Structured Queues

Automatic queue measurement systems are designed to help managers in two ways - first, through enhanced customer service; second by improving efficiency and reducing costs. They use people counting sensors at entrances and above checkout lanes / queue areas to accurately detect the number and behaviour of people in the queue. Built-in predictive algorithms can provide advance notice on how many checkouts or service points will be needed to meet demand. Dashboards, available on a computer monitor or mobile PDA device, are often used to provide a range of information, such as dynamic queue length, waiting time data, and checkout performance on the shop floor. In the event that performance falls towards a minimum service level, in supermarkets or banks management teams can be automatically alerted beforehand, allowing them time to proactively manage the situation. Key measurements produced are:

  • The number of people entering the store
  • Queue Length
  • Average Wait Time
  • Till Operator or Bank Teller Idle Time
  • Total Wait Time.
  • A number of the large UK supermarket chains use such systems for service level and resource management.

Automatic Queue Measurement System For Small Unstructured And Large Queues

Where queues form in unpredictable locations and/or extend beyond a relatively small queue area, overhead detector based queue measurement systems cannot be effectively used. Alternative technology solutions using wide area queue sampling are effective in these situations. One method is using Bluetooth detection from mobile telephones held by people in the queue. Although a sampling technique, as typically 10 – 30% of telephone have active Bluetooth at any one time, it gives a reasonably accurate measurement of average queue wait times where long queues are present. A precise but more expensive method is the use of a people counter. Measuring and counting can be particularly useful in situations such as airport security where a large volume of people pass through an area in varying flow patterns and constantly varying physical locations.

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