Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Biometric Security Systems for Home - Dthree Solutions

Biometric Security Systems for Home - Dthree Solutions

Bio metric offers safe and secure benefits for everyone in a home, organization, office etc. Dthree Solutions provides various types of Bio metric Security Systems for home. You can change your home into a smart home with Dthree solutions. Dthree ensure protection for your property and your family with our authentication tools. Every individual has a unique identifications. Based on that physical and behavioral characteristics our database stored your data and looks for the exact matches.


Categories of Bio metric Security Systems for Home

Lets discuss about the types of Bio metric Security systems. The system categorized in the basis of Physical and behavioral characteristics

Fingerprint Protected Home

The device stored the fingerprint of the user and the device analyse its features like arches, whorls, loops, furrows etc  Matching of the fingerprint depends in three ways, such as minutiae, correlation, and ridge.

Recognition using Face

The device deals with face features and it can identify around 80 nodal points on the human face. It is commonly used in office, building etc.

Sound Recognition

This method is based on the speech authentications like nasal tone, fundamental frequency, inflection, cadence. The device produces speech patterns by combining the datas captured in the device.

Signature Recognition

This technique is based on the physical activities of signing like the amount of pressure applied, stroke and the speed etc.

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